Community Leader Agreement

  1. I agree with accept orders received on the Baqalaat platform and to store or deliver them to the Customers.
  2. I agree not to hold Baqalaat responsible for any faults arising from the delivery service and agree to hand over deliveries to Customers in a condition that ensures the quality of the order.
  3. I agree to handle sales, marketing, temporary product storage and delivery to nearby customers.
  4. I agree not to adulterate, tamper, counterfeit or steal any of the products delivered to me.
  5. I agree to inform the Baqalaat team if customers do not pick up their order or accept delivery on the same day or the next day.
  6. I am fully and solely responsible for compliance with applicable local laws, regulations, rules and standards related to preparation, selling, marketing and safety of food items and its components.
  7. I agree to a commission of 10% for orders I close, store and/or deliver
  8. I agree to a 5% commission for orders I only store or deliver.
  9. I agree to take my commissions and pay the balance to a Baqala collection agent within 24 hours of receiving payment.
  10. I understand that either party can terminate a contract with a 1-month notice.
  11. I agree not to work with a competing company offering similar services.
  12. This contract is valid for 1 year and is subject to the provisions of laws applicable and the jurisdiction of the country of business. In case of any dispute that might arise from this contract between the parties, it will be solved amicably within (15) fifteen days, and in case of failure to resolve amicably, the dispute shall be raised to the courts of country of business.

    I agree to the above terms and conditions.