What are Baqalaat Points?

  • Baqalaat points are points rewards that Baqalaat’s registered users can earn on the Baqalaat platform by participating in various activities.
  • 1000 Baqalaat points are equivalent to BHD 1.000.
  • You can redeem the points for purchase on the Baqalaat APP.
  • Baqalaat points are non-transferable, cannot be sold or withdrawn.

How to earn Baqalaat Points?


Shopping on Baqalaat can help you earn cash back as points on all orders. Once the items are delivered to you, you can earn the points. Points are only awarded for the actual amount paid after the coupon and points used for the item, excluding insurance, shipping and taxes.

Daily check-in

Every day you check-in consecutively you will earn additional points.

A consecutive streak lasts up to 7 days. On the 8th day, the cycle will restart will count as your first check-in of the cycle. But beware, if you miss a day within 7-day cycle, it will start back at one.

Surprise Events

Participate in the points-related activities held by Baqalaat within the specified time limit, and receive the corresponding points rewards according to the activity rules.

How to use Baqalaat points?

  • Every 100 points = BHD 0.100. Points can be used for Baqalaat purchases.
  • Only a maximum of 500 points can be used per purchase. Total price may not include shipping, insurance and taxes.
  • You cannot use a coupon discount when using points and vice versa.


Baqalaat reserves the right to modify/delete rules or terms related to Baqalaat Points at any given time with or without prior notifying its users.