Community Leader Agreement

This agreement is made on day of submission between yourself (hereinafter referred to as the “Community Leader”) and GetBaqala eCommerce w.l.l listed below attached hereto and included herein (hereinafter referred to as the “Platform”), Platform hereby engages Community Leader to provide the Service generally described below under the following terms. 

The Platform’s name, telephone number(s) and email address are:

GetBaqala eCommerce w.l.l
T: +973 35945333

WHEREAS, Platform conducts the activity(s) known as: Community Group Buy (hereinafter referred to as the “Service“); 

WHEREAS, Platform desires to hire Community Leader, as an independent contractor(s), to provide support for the Service such as: sales, marketing and community management activities (hereinafter referred to as the “Support”);

WHEREAS, Community Leader(s) desire to provide such Service; 

The parties agree: 

Where appropriate, words importing the masculine shall also include the feminine and the singular number shall also include the plural and vice versa. If any term of this Contract is held by any court to be invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of its terms shall still remain in force. 

Duration of Service:  The Agreement will commence immediately on submission and will continue for a period of twelve (12) months.

The general description of the Service is: Community Group Buying is a social commerce model of group purchases by people within a community based on either location proximity or similar interests. GetBaqala is entering the space with an interest-based community approach meaning providing services ie. consumables with constant demand, such as fresh food or daily necessities, for people with similar to same interests via social media or messaging channels such as Instagram and WhatsApp.

The general description of the Support is: A typical community leader is either a stay-home mum, or an influencer in the food industry such as a chef that plays a supporting role to the Service by providing sales, marketing and community management efforts. Community Leader agrees to provide the Support in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and any addendums hereto.

The Community Leader is usually in charge of:

  1. Sending out the group buy information to their followers on a daily basis
  2. Running campaigns to sell more products

Payment of Fees: Platform shall pay to Community Leader a commission of 5% of the total sales (does not include cancelled orders) as commission for the Community Leader’s Service within seven (7) working days of month-end’s closing. Payment to Community Leader will be made in cash, cheque or direct bank transfer.

Performance: Platform will provide tools and training to a Community Leader for the first month. After the training period, Community Leader will have three (3) months time to reach a monthly sales target goal of  BHD 3000/-. Since the Community Leader is helping the Platform with research and development, she will be entitled to an exemption of the targets for the first 3 months.

Term: This Agreement shall be effective for a twelve (12) month term, at the end of which it will automatically and continuously renew for subsequent twelve (12) month terms until such time when Community Leader or Platform terminates the Agreement in accordance with this provision. 

Exclusivity: Community Leader agrees to not engage in any promotional or marketing activities with the any of the Platform’s competitors with a similar offering to the Service.

Promotion: Platform shall be entitled to advertise and promote the appearance of Community Leader(s) engaging in the Service during the contract period. Community Leader(s) acknowledge that Platform will rely on the terms hereof in all such promotions and advertising. Community Leader(s) hereby acknowledge and agree that Platform may use their names, photographs, likeness, facsimile signature and any other promotional materials in all of such promotions, advertising or other activities used to increase traffic to the Platform. 

Termination: Termination of contract by the Platform is not allowed for any reason except non-compliance, performance and circumstances covered by Force Majeurewhere the Platform and the  Community Leader mutually agree to terminate the agreement (this must be provided electronically or in writing by both parties)

Non-compliance: In case of non-compliance of the terms by any of the involved parties, either party may terminate the contract after sending a written notice to the other party 14 days prior to the termination, without any prejudice to the rights of both parties towards each other.

Performance: If the Community Leader fails to meet the sales target, the Platform may terminate the contract or request the Community Leader to undergo further training.

Force Majeure: The parties shall be excused from their obligations hereunder in the event of proven sickness, accident, riot, strike, epidemic, act of God or any other legitimate condition or occurrence beyond their respective control. 

Changes to contract: Any changes to the contract must be agreed upon in writing by both the Platform and the Community Leader.

Complaints: Once a written complaint has been made by the Platform or the Community Leader will be called in to discuss the complaint and request a written statement detailing their version of events. A mediator may be appointed between Platform and Community Leader in order to come to an amicable agreement over any refund or expense which may be due. If the mediator cannot settle the dispute to the mutual satisfaction of both Platform and Community Leader, both parties must settle the matter directly via their own legal representatives. The Community Leader at the time of agreeing to or signing this contract shall not be under any contract to a third party that might preclude him/her from fulfilling the engagement.

Confidentiality: Both the Platform and the Community Leader undertake to maintain and not to disclose the confidential information that either have the right to access. Both parties also undertake not to use this confidential information except in the case of the disclosure by any party or at the request of a judicial or regulatory authority or the necessary disclosure in the implementation of the rule of law.

Governing Law:  The agreement will be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

THIS CONTRACT constitutes the sole, complete, and binding agreement between the Community Leader(s) and Platform. 


    I agree to the above terms and conditions.